Workplace Solutions

  • The complete software platform for authentication, security, cost control and mobility.
  • The workplace is changing. We are all working differently and have access to more technology and cloud hosted services than ever before. Xerox Workplace Solutions helps you securely connect your technology without sacrificing convenience, security and affordability.
  • Every business needs to have a secure and convenient way to access their printer services and print or scan, regardless of where the job originates from. Whether printing from a desktop application, mobile device or even scanning with an MFP app, security is a top concern.
  • Whether you choose Xerox to manage your printer fleet or manage it yourself, this scalable and modular solution offers the flexibility you need to keep control of your devices, regardless of size boosting your productivity and reducing cost. Xerox Workplace Solutions provide authentication with access control, print management, content security and a comprehensive mobile print solution.

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