About Cargil Solutions

As the UK’s only Xerox Authorised Partner, Cargil Solutions is a multifaceted enterprise specialising in the supply and distribution of office equipment and also acting as a service provider and finance partner for your convenience.

We provide our clients with experience and knowledge of the industry so that through us, they can supply Xerox products with confidence, on a basis which suits both them and their consumer. We are also pleased to offer our clients UK- wide support, both during the sales
process as well as with any technical issues that they may encounter. If you would prefer to support your customers more directly, we also encourage our clients to take advantage of our fully-authorised, online Xerox Service Training.

Our partner programme permits our Partners to:

  • Purchase hardware at competitive rates from complete single-function devices, to A4 Multifunction Printer (MFP) solutions.
  • Offer all products on a full service contract, whether through your own cost-per- copy scheme, Xerox’s fixed cost-per- page PagePack, or pay-as- they-go servicing.
  • Purchase all parts and consumables directly from Cargil for overnight delivery direct to your end user.
  • Access financial products through Cargil which benefits from being an Authorised Xerox Finance Partner.
  • Attend classroom training at our premises or at an alternative location better suited to your needs, where you can work with us towards obtaining full service accreditation through the Xerox Service Portal.

Until now, the only way to sell and provide support for Xerox products, both during the sales process as well as post-purchase, was through a third party enterprise or by means of a significant financial investment in dedicated sales and service support personnel which comes with its own considerable annual financial commitments. Today, Cargil is proud to offer you the next generation of customer service in dealing with the most recognised name in print whilst maintaining a minimum investment on your part.

We can work with you to identify and access new revenue streams that will add value both to you and your clients, without diluting the core features of your business.

With the purchase of any one of our complementary products comes the added benefit of reseller support training which takes advantage of accredited support packages and our wealth of experience in the industry. With this, you can be confident that upon choosing to
promote a product or service which falls either within or outside of you core business discipline, we at Cargil Solutions will endeavour to provide you with the highest quality service and support at every stage to ensure your success.