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To be successful in today’s highly competitive world companies need to focus their resources on activities that are critical to their business.

They need to do more with less and with increasing speed. They need to transform they way they work.

Companies are prepared to hire experts to help with this challenge. The ultimate aim being the reduction of costs and to minimise disruption. The Xerox Remote Connect Tool allows us to offer customers just that.

Remote connect gives the ability to customers interact directly with their service providers through an entry level, complex free, affordable service.

Xerox Remote Print Services capabilities are based on a technology platform that provides a flexible end-to-end system for connecting products to the Xerox infrastructure which administers our post-sale offerings.

Maximize uptime, improve productivity and simplify the management of your Xerox® digital technology. Are you frustrated by having to wait for a service technician? Do you spend too much time on meter collection and reporting? With Xerox® Remote Print Services, managing your Xerox® technology is easy. By securely connecting your Xerox® enabled devices to our team of service and support experts, you’ll spend less time managing your products and more time focusing on your business.

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