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Xerox Intelligent Filer App

Efficient scanning and document management processes are crucial for businesses to stay competitive, and naming these files correctly as part of the digitization process is key to easy retrieval later. Many scanning solutions rely upon manual entry when naming and storing to cloud repositories, which can be error-prone and time-consuming. Introducing the Xerox® Intelligent Filer App - the next-generation scanning app for your Xerox® ConnectKey enabled printer - leveraging the power of AI to provide automatic categorization, standardized naming structures, and suggested filing location right at your device.

Xerox WorkFlow Central: A Flexible and Seamless Cloud Based Platform

Remote and flexible work models demand the one-platform convenience and seamless productivity provided by the Xerox® Workflow Central platform, a cloud-based solution that takes the guesswork out of converting physical and digital files into usable formats. Workflow Central makes it easy to transform documents instantly from any device, including PCs, tablets, mobile devices, and multifunction printers.

Partner Tech Talk with Steve B, Episode 1: The Art of the Possible

This podcast features Jeffrey Cousins of Kraft Business Systems Inc., based in the United States. The conversation focuses on augmented reality, and how Kraft is selling it to open previously closed doors -- and thriving as a result.

Xerox® Workflow Central Protect

Learn to Protect documents, even when sharing beyond your firewall, with Workflow Central.

Workflow Central Task Automation

See how Xerox Workflow Central automates document centric tasks, freeing up time to focus on other things.

Unlocking the Power of Digital Embellishments

Inspiration meets execution - the Xerox Genesis Initiative provides a wealth of content and resources to help clients design, market, price and sell digital print embellishments. Attract and engage with a wide range of Beyond CMYK applications.

Xerox® Workflow Central Translate

See how Workflow Central makes document translation simple and fast, helping to free up time for other priorities.

DWK reduces manual processes by 12,000 hours per year with Xerox RPA

DWK Life Sciences grew over the years and their processes stayed manual, from setting up a customer all the way through collections. They chose to focus on Order entry and customer service. 65-70% of orders were manually submitted to their systems. As they implemented Xerox RPA Services, they calculated that the savings were over 12,000 hours per year through automation. DWK can now regain those hours and have employees focus on more important projects and keep their business moving forward.

Xerox FreeFlow "Sweet Suite" of Software Solutions

Xerox FreeFlow Software is a "Sweet Suite" of solutions that help you automate so you can dominate. Minimize errors and downtime and increase revenue and uptime.