For your convenience, we have devised a series of products that complement our core range and which can provide several unique solutions to your requirement to create, store, manipulate, edit, destroy as well as distribute documents.

Our portfolio contains a range of niche print products which may be complemented by software and service packages. They include:

  • A full range of mono, wide-format, single and multi-function products.
  • A wide range of franking devices and postal products including: automatic letter folding machines, folding / inserting machines, polywrap mailing machines, letter openers, shredding machines, forms handlers, booklet makers, pressure sealers and duplicators.
  • Financial products including: leasing, rental services such as Print Plan and managed print services, as well as traditional minimum and fixed-term hire purchase and rental schemes.
  • Solutions and software packages to assist in document storage, data optimisation, cost control and other aligned areas of document management.
  • Our customer-oriented team will be happy to work with you to identify and access any current revenue streams which would add value to both you and your clients, without diluting the features of your core business.

As standard, all of our complementary products come with the added benefit of reseller support training, which makes use of accredited packages and our comprehensive support network to deliver you the best possible service, regardless of whether your enquiry lies within or outside of your core business focus.