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Xerox Forum 2018 Highlights – Premier Partners and GCSR Congress

See the highlights and relive the memories of the Xerox Forum 2018 in Warsaw, Poland from the Premier Partners and GCSR Congress and the Premiere of the Xerox® Iridesse™ Production Press.

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Xerox Mobile Print – Print from anywhere to nearly any printer

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Xerox Mobile Print brings you the freedom to print anywhere your business takes you. Helping administrators and IT need to get ahead of the evolving mobile print requirements, but without burdening staff, budgets or infrastructure. No need to physically connect to a printer or download drivers and print to most Xerox and non-Xerox printers.

Xerox® ConnectKey® Technology – the User Interface Advantage

Get more work done, faster, with the easy, efficient, and entirely new touch-screen user interface on Xerox devices powered by ConnectKey technology. With the customizable, capacitive, color touchscreen, you can tap, swipe and pinch your way through tasks and functions with mobile-like ease.

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Xerox & Brother Dominic – Celebrating 40 Years of Miracles

See what a difference four decades makes in how Xerox helps Brother Dominic “Set the Page Free” in today’s digital world.

It was 1977, when Xerox first aired the iconic, award winning Super Bowl commercial. Today we are celebrating the 40th anniversary by showing how Brother Dominic is still creating miracles by transcending the printed and digital page with personalization, apps, translation, security and even printing on mugs. Cheers to everyday miracles!

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Xerox ConnectKey Technology – A Comprehensive Approach to Printer Security

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Single and Multifunction Printers are now capable of working at the heart of your business operations. With the exponential growth of wireless devices, cloud-hosted software and services, your printer not only needs to work with these new technologies, but also stay secure from them. ConnectKey Technology offers a comprehensive set of security features to keep your printers and your data safe.

Xerox Mobile Link App

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Capture the power of a Xerox® MFP with your mobile devices. The Xerox Mobile Link app is a mobile app that can scan, fax, email, and print from your phone/table, by connecting with a Xerox MFP. Using an innovative One-Touch workflow, the app can send scans to your phone and cloud storage simultaneously.

Innovating the Way the World Communicates, Connects and Works

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Xerox’s industry-leading technology, software and people are advancing workflow automation, analytics, personalization, security solutions and innovative digital printing — helping organizations of all sizes around the globe work, communicate and collaborate more efficiently.

Innovation at Xerox: The Magic of Creating the Future

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A philosophy running through Xerox is “the best way to predict the future is to invent it”.

Our PARC Research Center was established with the mission to create the office of the future. Laser printers, Ethernet, graphical user interfaces, digital telephones, and safe downloading of music and movies were some of the resulting innovations that have changed the way we work. We also partner with our customers to co-invent and rely on interdisciplinary research to innovate solutions.

Xerox® ConnectKey®—New, Unexpected Ways to Be More Productive

Technology has created new ways to work, new places where we can work from, and new challenges in getting that work done. Whatever your business needs, Xerox ConnectKey technology is the productivity toolbox that will unlock your full potential. Cloud-connected, mobile-ready, apps-enabled, and easy to customize, ConnectKey technology will transform your workplace today, while ensuring you’ll stay one step ahead tomorrow.

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